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Change the default enabled AUTOGEN tools list to contain only moc
Before this patch we enabled AUTOMOC, AUTORCC, AUTOUIC for all targets that did not opt out. Aside from being wasteful from a performance point of view, this also caused issues when trying to build qtimageformats which does not depend on Widgets which is the package that exposes uic. To avoid this, enable only AUTOMOC for all targets by default, and UIC and RCC can be opted in via the ENABLE_AUTOGEN_TOOLS option. To facilitate this some refactoring had to be done, like moving some common setup for all autogen tools into a separate call, and making sure that extend_target understands the autogen options, because some ui files are only added conditionally. Also the conversion script has been adapted to output the ENABLE_AUTOGEN_TOOLS option whenever a .pro file contains at least one FORMS += foo assignment. Note that we don't really use AUTORCC while building Qt, so nothing opts into that at the moment. Task-number: QTBUG-75875 Change-Id: I889c4980e9fb1b74ba361abed4044737f8842ea4 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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