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QTabBar: recalculate scroll offset when showingHEADdev
If an application sets the current index and resizes the tab widget before showing it, then the scroll offset might be calculated based on an old size. Since after ca15f650a1a914bb9a41131109c46c4e52c5ebb1, resizing explicitly avoids scrolling, this could result in tabs ending up scrolled outside of the tab bar when showing the tab widget. Fix that by explicitly making the current tab visible in the tab bar's showEvent handler, which recalculates the scroll offset based on the actual size. This is only reproducible with a tab widget, which lays out the tab bar for each change and resets the tab bar's layoutDirty flag. Add a test case there. Pick-to: 6.5 6.6 Fixes: QTBUG-114204 Change-Id: I1e9506b9dde1dd892291d108dd2c7b675ef99509 Reviewed-by: Axel Spoerl <> Reviewed-by: Jonas Kvinge <>
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