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Implement command prefix
The current CI magically add prefix to every executed command if target compiler is MSVC. The prefix just calls vcvarsall.bat. The script has to be called for every command, because of the CI agent runs every command as a subprocess. It means that script sourced environment is not passed to subsequent commands, therefore all changes are lost. The prefix, as a concept, has known performance issues (COIN-253), so in long term it would be nice to move to another solution. CustomModule doesn't support prefix. Therefore the proposed approach moves the ugliness from CI code to the yaml configuration file. It has two advantages; nothing needs to be implemented on the CI level and hopefully someone in future will clean it up as the problem is more visible and publicly fixable. Change-Id: Ice3cff89e3a59b2a57e675b7892fde0d04433ba8 Reviewed-by: Liang Qi <>
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