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wasm: enable MODULARIZE option and set EXPORT_NAMEHEADdev
Make Emscripten generate a global constructor function ("createQtAppInstance()") instead of a global javascript module object. This enables more fine-grained control over module instantiation; previously the module object would be created when the runtime javascript was evaluated, and the number of emscripten module/instances was limited to one per page. Set EXPORT_NAME to “createQtAppInstance” which avoids collisions with other non-Qt Emscripten modules on the same page. A further improvement would be to include the app name in EXPORT_NAME, but this is not done at this time. Update the code in qtloader.js to call the constructor function instead of working on a global module object. The qtloader.js API is functional before the wasm and Emscripten modules have been instantiated; store properties and forward to the Emscripten module when it's created. Change-Id: I12c49a5b9a4a932bbc46fcc5e5ecc453fd0fe7f0 Reviewed-by: Lorn Potter <>
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