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Fix compilation of libGLESv2 with older MinGW-w64 headers
Fix compilation of libGLESv2 for mingw-headers predating MinGW-w64 svn commit 5567 (like MinGW-builds gcc 4.7.2-rev8, the toolchain we officially support). Commit 5567 added the D3DCOMPILER_DLL define to d3dcompiler.h, but with a trailing semicolon that has then fixed in commit 5783. Any toolchain that ships MinGW-w64 headers from a version in between (like MinGW-builds gcc 4.7.2-rev11) will unfortunately remain broken. Change-Id: I31272a1a991c4fc0f1611f8fb7510be51d6bb925 Reviewed-by: Jonathan Liu <> Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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