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authorFriedemann Kleint <>2011-10-18 09:54:31 +0200
committerQt by Nokia <>2011-10-18 15:47:49 +0200
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QtBase examples: Remove Maemo/Symbian-specific code.
- Maemo/Symbian are no longer supported and QWidget-based examples are no longer supposed to run on mobile platforms, so, remove any Maemo/Symbian or mobile-specific code from source files and profiles. - Remove Maemo/Symbian vibration examples. - Change Q_WS_MAC/WIN to Q_OS_MAC/WIN where appropriate. Reviewed-by: Casper van Donderen <> Change-Id: I488a0adadb98934567aa6416206a80465c9c3a81 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <> Reviewed-by: Casper van Donderen <>
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diff --git a/examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.cpp b/examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.cpp
index ef1485a147..15ee5bd927 100644
--- a/examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.cpp
+++ b/examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.cpp
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ static const char * const message =
"<p>Each dock widget contains a colored frame and a context "
"(right-click) menu.</p>"
-#ifdef Q_WS_MAC
+#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
"<p>On Mac OS X, the \"Black\" dock widget has been created as a "
"<em>Drawer</em>, which is a special kind of QDockWidget.</p>"
@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@ void MainWindow::setupDockWidgets(const QMap<QString, QSize> &customSizeHints)
uint flags;
Qt::DockWidgetArea area;
} sets [] = {
-#ifndef Q_WS_MAC
+#ifndef Q_OS_MAC
{ "Black", 0, Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea },
{ "Black", Qt::Drawer, Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea },