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Delete the QVariant ctors taking global Qt enum values.
They have unexpected results in Qt 5 (the Qt::GlobalColor one works as expected in Qt 4, but was removed in Qt 5): QVariant v = QVariant(Qt::red); qDebug() << v; // QVariant(int, 7) v = Qt::red; qDebug() << v; // QVariant(int, 7) The correct way is to use: QVariant v = QVariant::fromValue(QColor(Qt::red)); The deleted constructors are the ones for which there is a class with an implicit constructor taking the enum, and that class is a built-in metatype. QLocale::Language and QKeySequence::StandardKey would also fit the description, but I can't include the header for QKeySequence as it is in QtGui, and I don't want to include the qlocale header in qvariant.h. Putting a QLocale::Language is probably very uncommon anyway. The QTextFormat test is doing the wrong thing, but the result isn't being tested. Added new tests which fail before the patch. Change-Id: Ia38a0784990f4d40ff7457a86daf58aabd4964eb Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <>
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diff --git a/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp
index d09d110118..09dec07dfe 100644
--- a/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp
@@ -114,9 +114,9 @@ LifeCycle::LifeCycle(StickMan *stickMan, GraphicsView *keyReceiver)
// Make it blink when lightning strikes before entering dead animation
QState *lightningBlink = new QState(m_machine);
- lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan->scene(), "backgroundBrush", Qt::white);
- lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "penColor", Qt::black);
- lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "fillColor", Qt::white);
+ lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan->scene(), "backgroundBrush", QColor(Qt::white));
+ lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "penColor", QColor(Qt::black));
+ lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "fillColor", QColor(Qt::white));
lightningBlink->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "isDead", true);
//! [5]
@@ -128,9 +128,9 @@ LifeCycle::LifeCycle(StickMan *stickMan, GraphicsView *keyReceiver)
//! [5]
m_dead = new QState(m_machine);
- m_dead->assignProperty(m_stickMan->scene(), "backgroundBrush", Qt::black);
- m_dead->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "penColor", Qt::white);
- m_dead->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "fillColor", Qt::black);
+ m_dead->assignProperty(m_stickMan->scene(), "backgroundBrush", QColor(Qt::black));
+ m_dead->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "penColor", QColor(Qt::white));
+ m_dead->assignProperty(m_stickMan, "fillColor", QColor(Qt::black));
// Idle state (sets no properties)