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Add QRegularExpression based regexp tool
Currently only the QRegExp based regexp tool is available to help build regular expression. This patch aims to add the equivalent that use the new QRegularExpression class. Change-Id: Ie5f711640b32a6d10ce44d2c7795062c1aacce3f Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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+ \example tools/regularexpression
+ \title QRegularExpression Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
+ \brief The QRegularExpression example shows how regular expressions in Qt are
+ applied to text by providing an environment in which new regular expressions can be
+ created and tested on custom text strings.
+ The example makes usage of the QRegularExpression class, which has been
+ introduced in Qt 5.0. QRegularExpression implements Perl-compatible regular
+ expressions, supporting a number of advanced matching features, such as
+ case insensitive matching, multiline matching, Unicode properties selectors
+ and partial/incremental matching.
+ QRegularExpression is a big improvement over QRegExp in terms of features
+ and performance and should be used in all new code.
+ \image regularexpression-example.png