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Doc: Update doc for Dir View Example
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\borderedimage dirview-example.png
+ \quotefromfile itemviews/dirview/main.cpp
+ \skipto QCommandLineParser parser
+ \printuntil parser.positionalArguments
The example supports a number of command line options.
These options include:
@@ -47,22 +51,17 @@
use custom directory options
- \quotefromfile itemviews/dirview/main.cpp
- \skipto QCommandLineParser parser
- \printuntil parser.positionalArguments
- Declares a QFileSystemModel as data model for viewing
- the local file system. QFileSystem works with a cache, that is,
- it is updated continually with QFileSystemWatcher on that folder.
\skipto QFileSystemModel
\printuntil tree.setModel
- Creates a model/view implementation called \c tree
- for viewing the filesystem.
+ Declares \c model as data model for reading the local filesystem.
+ \c model.setRootPath("") sets the current folder as the folder from
+ which \c model will start reading.
+ QTreeView object \c tree visualizes the filesystem in a tree structure.
\skipto tree.setAnimated(false)
\printuntil tree.setWindowTitle
- Sets some formatting options for \c tree.
+ Sets layout options for animation, indentation, sorting, and sizing of the
+ filesystem tree.