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Move undo framework out of Qt Widgets
- Moves QUndo* classes (except QUndoView) from src/widgets/utils to src/gui/utils - Moves related auto tests from widgets to gui - Replaces QUndoAction with lambdas that do text prefixing [ChangeLog][Undo Framework] QUndo* classes (except QUndoView) were moved from Qt Widgets to Qt GUI. Done-with: Fixes: QTBUG-40040 Change-Id: I3bd8d4d32c64f8dee548f62159a1df2126da89d8 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <> Reviewed-by: Volker Hilsheimer <>
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The \c createActions() function sets up all the examples actions
in the manner shown above. The
\l{QUndoStack::}{createUndoAction()} and
- \l{QUndoStack::}{createRedoAction()} helps us crate actions that
+ \l{QUndoStack::}{createRedoAction()} methods help us create actions that
are disabled and enabled based on the state of the stack. Also,
the text of the action will be updated automatically based on the
\l{QUndoCommand::}{text()} of the undo commands. For the other