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diff --git a/examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.cpp b/examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.cpp
index e9d5235ddc..4c18fa8251 100644
--- a/examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.cpp
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ QVariant SpreadSheetItem::computeFormula(const QString &formula,
const QTableWidget *widget,
const QTableWidgetItem *self)
- // check if the s tring is actually a formula or not
+ // check if the string is actually a formula or not
QStringList list = formula.split(' ');
if (list.isEmpty() || !widget)
return formula; // it is a normal string
diff --git a/examples/widgets/tools/completer/fsmodel.h b/examples/widgets/tools/completer/fsmodel.h
index a243c48b43..7b2e7b7dab 100644
--- a/examples/widgets/tools/completer/fsmodel.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/tools/completer/fsmodel.h
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
// With a QFileSystemModel, set on a view, you will see "Program Files" in the view
// But with this model, you will see "C:\Program Files" in the view.
-// We acheive this, by having the data() return the entire file path for
+// We achieve this, by having the data() return the entire file path for
// the display role. Note that the Qt::EditRole over which the QCompleter
// looks for matches is left unchanged
//! [0]