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authorLaszlo Agocs <>2014-02-28 17:03:57 +0100
committerThe Qt Project <>2014-03-04 15:59:05 +0100
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Dynamic GL: remove exporting symbols
Remove the opengl proxy for now. Later it will either be moved into a separate library or replaced by a QOpenGLFunctions-based approach. This means that the -opengl dynamic configuration is not usable for the time being. The rest of the enablers remain in place. The convenience function QOpenGLFunctions::isES() is now moved to QOpenGLContext and is changed to check the renderable type. This is extremely useful since besides supporting dynamic GL it solves also the problem of GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility (i.e. it triggers the real ES path when creating an ES-compatible context with a desktop OpenGL implementation). Task-number: QTBUG-36483 Task-number: QTBUG-37172 Change-Id: I045be3fc16e9043e1528cf48e6bf0903da4fa7ca Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <> Reviewed-by: Jørgen Lind <>
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diff --git a/examples/opengl/contextinfo/widget.cpp b/examples/opengl/contextinfo/widget.cpp
index 13cec3b3f8..6d4b97ca8f 100644
--- a/examples/opengl/contextinfo/widget.cpp
+++ b/examples/opengl/contextinfo/widget.cpp
@@ -337,9 +337,9 @@ void Widget::renderWindowReady()
const char *gltype[] = { "Desktop", "GLES 2", "GLES 1" };
m_output->append(tr("\nQt OpenGL configuration: %1")
- .arg(QString::fromLatin1(gltype[QOpenGLFunctions::platformGLType()])));
+ .arg(QString::fromLatin1(gltype[QOpenGLContext::openGLModuleType()])));
m_output->append(tr("Qt OpenGL library handle: %1")
- .arg(QString::number(qintptr(QOpenGLFunctions::platformGLHandle()), 16)));
+ .arg(QString::number(qintptr(QOpenGLContext::openGLModuleHandle()), 16)));
QList<QByteArray> extensionList = context->extensions().toList();
std::sort(extensionList.begin(), extensionList.end());