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SslSocketClient - fix example not to crash
Due to the bug related to the 'new syntax' signal/slot connections, it's unfortunately possible to have a connection not deleted properly by the moment children objects get deleted. Then, as a result, in e.g. QSslSocket's destructor the socket will change its state, triggering the (now deleted) UI elements' access. Note - the original bug was reported, the patch (only possible?) was not accepted. Fixes: QTBUG-83659 Change-Id: I2965532485bcd46f93f8449e4d0a30da92b572c5 Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <>
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diff --git a/examples/network/securesocketclient/sslclient.cpp b/examples/network/securesocketclient/sslclient.cpp
index d6c52a1c66..949edd39c7 100644
--- a/examples/network/securesocketclient/sslclient.cpp
+++ b/examples/network/securesocketclient/sslclient.cpp
@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ SslClient::SslClient(QWidget *parent)
+ delete socket;
delete form;