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QNetworkInterface/Unix: fix DNS eligibility of global addresses
[ChangeLog][QtNetwork][QNetworkInterface] Fixed the reporting the "DNS eligibility" factor (QNetworkAddressEntry::dnsEligibility) for global IP addresses. Previously, QNetworkInterface interface erroneously reported all global addresses as eligible, regardless of whether they had already been deprecated by the OS or were temporary in the first place. From the tst_QNetworkInterface::dump output (netmask & broadcast suppressed for readability, IPv6 prefixes changed to protect the innocent, but the local part is exactly as found on my system): address 0: dns-eligible preferred:33546998ms valid:33546998ms address 1: 2001:db8::800/128 dns-eligible preferred:264817000ms valid:264817000ms address 2: fd00::800/128 dns-eligible preferred:forever valid:forever address 3: 2001:db8::2f5b:342c:fc53:b9b2/64 dns-ineligible preferred:12422000ms valid:264817000ms address 4: fd00::9351:adff:333d:5c8d/64 dns-ineligible preferred:12421999ms valid:531402999ms address 5: fd00::7297:9516:fbb4:17ac/64 dns-ineligible preferred:0ms valid:445585999ms address 6: fd00::fdc8:e620:691:3b44/64 dns-eligible preferred:forever valid:forever address 7: 2001:db8::ae82:a01:5a8a:e210/64 dns-ineligible preferred:0ms valid:264816999ms address 8: 2001:db8::c673:e0a2:8927:2118/64 dns-eligible preferred:264816999ms valid:264816999ms address 9: fe80::bd89:b998:4aeb:a5d0%bond0/64 dns-ineligible preferred:forever valid:forever Prior to this commit, only address 9 was showing as ineligible. Addresses 1 and 2 come from DHCPv6 and are thus always eligible. Addresses 3, 4, 5, and 7 are temporary addresses added on account of RFC 4941 and are therefore ineligible (they have the IFA_F_TEMPORARY flag set). Note how 5 and 7 have also stopped being preferred. Address 3 is the one I see when I go to and address 4 is the one used to reach the router. Addresses 6, 8, and 9 are the "permanent" addresses that would normally be based on the MAC address of the interface, but are actually in "stable privacy" mode for me (RFC 8064). Address 9 is the link-local one, which makes it ineligible, leaving the other two stable addresses eligible. Addresses 1, 3, 7, and 8 are global, from a DHCPv6-PD delegation from my ISP, which is why they have finite lifetime. Addresses 2, 4, 5, and 6 are from my local Unique Local Address (ULA) prefix, which is why 2 and 6 are valid forever. Pick-to: 6.1 Change-Id: If8b43dc9678c4b4ba9c1fffd1668fdcae873c6bd Reviewed-by: Mårten Nordheim <>
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