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The Qt bug tracker URL changes as part of the transition Change-Id: Icb4ab198943b93639b5e3a8d99262303785c6459 Reviewed-by: Kai Koehne <>
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<div id="feedcloseX" class="feedclose t_button">X</div>
<form id="feedform" action="" method="get">
<p id="noteHead">Thank you for giving your feedback.</p> <p class="note">Make sure it is related to this specific page. For more general bugs and
- requests, please use the <a href="">Qt Bug Tracker</a>.</p>
+ requests, please use the <a href="">Qt Bug Tracker</a>.</p>
<p><textarea id="feedbox" name="feedText" rows="5" cols="40"></textarea></p>
<p><input id="feedsubmit" class="feedclose" type="submit" name="feedback" /></p>