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Then we create the child widgets, create \l{Registering and Using
Fields}{wizard fields} associated with them, and put them into
layouts. The \c className field is created with an asterisk (\c
- *) next to its name. This makes it a \l{mandatory field}, that
+ *) next to its name. This makes it a \l{mandatory fields}{mandatory field}, that
is, a field that must be filled before the user can press the
\uicontrol Next button (\uicontrol Continue on Mac OS X). The fields' values
can be accessed from any other page using QWizardPage::field(),
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\section1 Further reading and examples
- You can find an overview of the macros needed to create plugins
- \l{Macros for Defining Plugins}{here}.
+ The \l {qtplugin-defining-plugins}{Defining Plugins} page presents an overview of the macros needed to
+ create plugins.
- We give an example of a plugin that extend Qt in the \l{Style
+ We give an example of a plugin that extends Qt in the \l{Style
Plugin Example}{style plugin} example. The \l{Plug & Paint
Example}{plug and paint} example shows how to create static