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\example 2dpainting
\title 2D Painting Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The 2D Painting example shows how QPainter and QGLWidget can be used
together to display accelerated 2D graphics on supported hardware.
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\example cube
- \group all-examples
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\title Cube OpenGL ES 2.0 example
\brief The Cube OpenGL ES 2.0 example shows how to write mouse rotateable
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\example framebufferobject2
\title Framebuffer Object 2 Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Framebuffer Object 2 example demonstrates how to use the
QGLFramebufferObject class to render into an off-screen buffer and
use the contents as a texture in a QGLWidget.
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\example grabber
\title Grabber Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Grabber examples shows how to retrieve the contents of an OpenGL framebuffer.
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\example hellogl
\title Hello GL Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Hello GL example demonstrates the basic use of the OpenGL-related classes
provided with Qt.
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-** Copyright (C) 2012 Digia Plc and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
-** Contact:
-** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
-** Commercial License Usage
-** Licensees holding valid commercial Qt licenses may use this file in
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-** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
-** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
-** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
-** this file. Please review the following information to ensure
-** the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 requirements
-** will be met:
- \example hellogl_es
- \title Hello GL ES Example
- \brief The Hello GL ES example is the \l{Hello GL Example} ported to OpenGL ES.
- It also included some effects from the OpenGL \l{Overpainting Example}.
- \image hellogl-es-example.png
- A complete introduction to OpenGL ES and a description of all differences
- between OpenGL and OpenGL ES is out of the scope of this document; but
- we will describe some of the major issues and differences.
- Since Hello GL ES is a direct port of standard OpenGL code, it is a fairly
- good example for porting OpenGL code to OpenGL ES.
- \tableofcontents
- \section1 Using QGLWidget
- QGLWidget can be used for OpenGL ES similar to the way it is used with
- standard OpenGL; but there are some differences. We use EGL 1.0 to embedd
- the OpenGL ES window within the native window manager. In
- QGLWidget::initializeGL() we initialize OpenGL ES.
- \section1 Porting OpenGL to OpenGL ES
- Since OpenGL ES is missing the immediate mode and does not support quads,
- we have to create triangle arrays.
- We create a quad by adding vertices to a QList of vertices. We create both
- sides of the quad and hardcode a distance of 0.05f. We also compute the
- correct normal for each face and store them in another QList.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 0
- And then we convert the complete list of vertexes and the list of normals
- into the native OpenGL ES format that we can use with the OpenGL ES API.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 1
- In \c paintQtLogo() we draw the triangle array using OpenGL ES. We use
- q_vertexTypeEnum to abstract the fact that our vertex and normal arrays
- are either in float or in fixed point format.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 2
- \section1 Using QGLPainter
- Since the \c QGLPainter is slower for OpenGL ES we paint the bubbles with
- the rasterizer and cache them in a QImage. This happends only once during
- the initialiazation.
- \snippet hellogl_es/bubble.cpp 0
- For each bubble this QImage is then drawn to the QGLWidget by using the
- according QPainter with transparency enabled.
- \snippet hellogl_es/bubble.cpp 1
- Another difference beetwen OpenGL and OpenGL ES is that OpenGL ES does not
- support glPushAttrib(GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS). So we have to restore all the
- OpenGL states ourselves, after we created the QPainter in
- GLWidget::paintGL().
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 3
- Setting up up the model view matrix and setting the right OpenGL states is
- done in the same way as for standard OpenGL.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 4
- Now we have to restore the OpenGL state for the QPainter. This is not done
- automatically for OpenGL ES.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 5
- Now we use the QPainter to draw the transparent bubbles.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 6
- In the end, we calculate the framerate and display it using the QPainter
- again.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 7
- After we finished all the drawing operations we swap the screen buffer.
- \snippet hellogl_es/glwidget.cpp 8
- \section1 Summary
- Similar to the \l{Hello GL Example}, we subclass QGLWidget to render
- a 3D scene using OpenGL ES calls. QGLWidget is a subclass of QWidget.
- Hence, its \l{QGLWidget}'s subclasses can be placed in layouts and
- provided with interactive features just like normal custom widgets.
- QGLWidget allows pure OpenGL ES rendering to be mixed with QPainter calls,
- but care must be taken to maintain the state of the OpenGL ES
- implementation.
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\example overpainting
\title Overpainting Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Overpainting example shows how QPainter can be used
to overpaint a scene rendered using OpenGL in a QGLWidget.
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\example pbuffers
\title Pixel Buffers Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Pixel Buffers example demonstrates how to use the
QGLPixelBuffer class to render into an off-screen buffer and use
the contents as a dynamic texture in a QGLWidget.
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\example pbuffers2
\title Pixel Buffers 2 Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Pixel Buffers 2 example demonstrates how to use the
QGLPixelBuffer class to render into an off-screen buffer and use
the contents as a dynamic texture in a QGLWidget.
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\example samplebuffers
\title Sample Buffers Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Sample Buffers example demonstrates how to use and enable
sample buffers in a QGLWidget.
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\example textures
\title Textures Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-opengl
\brief The Textures example demonstrates the use of Qt's image classes as textures in
applications that use both OpenGL and Qt to display graphics.
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\example tools/completer
\title Completer Example
+ \ingroup example-widgets-tools
\brief The Completer example shows how to provide string-completion facilities
for an input widget based on data provided by a model.
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\example tools/echoplugin
\title Echo Plugin Example
+ \group examples-widgets-tools
\brief This example shows how to create a Qt plugin.
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\example tools/i18n
\title I18N Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief The Internationalization (I18N) example demonstrates Qt's support for translated
text. Developers can write the initial application text in one language, and
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\example tools/plugandpaint
\title Plug & Paint Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief The Plug & Paint example demonstrates how to write Qt
applications that can be extended through plugins.
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\example tools/regexp
\title Regular Expressions Example
+ \ingroup example-widgets-tools
\brief The Regular Expressions (RegExp) example shows how regular expressions in Qt are
applied to text by providing an environment in which new regular expressions can be
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\example tools/settingseditor
\title Settings Editor Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief The Settings Editor example shows how Qt's standard settings support is used in an
application by providing an editor that enables the user to view the settings for
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\example tools/styleplugin
\title Style Plugin Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief This example shows how to create a plugin that extends Qt with a new
GUI look and feel.
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+ /****************************************************************************
** Copyright (C) 2012 Digia Plc and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
** Contact:
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
\example tools/treemodelcompleter
\title Tree Model Completer Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief The Tree Model Completer example shows how to provide completion
facilities for a hierarchical model, using a period as the separator
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\example tools/undo
\title Undo Framework
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief This example shows Qt's undo framework in action.
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/src/undoframework.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/src/undoframework.qdoc
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\example tools/undoframework
\title Undo Framework Example
+ \ingroup examples-widgets-tools
\brief This example shows how to implement undo/redo functionality
with the Qt undo framework.