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Fix Mandelbrot Example documentation with regards to qRegisterMetaType()
The call to qRegisterMetaType() has been removed since the type is registered as a meta type in Qt 5. Assert on the meta type id instead. Adapt the documentation accordingly. Fixes: QTBUG-81254 Change-Id: I0cb459d0dda7a82fc37871605ff634004af0f9f9 Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <> Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <>
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\snippet threads/mandelbrot/mandelbrotwidget.cpp 1
The interesting part of the constructor is the
- qRegisterMetaType() and QObject::connect() calls. Let's start
- with the \l{QObject::connect()}{connect()} call.
+ QObject::connect() call.
Although it looks like a standard signal-slot connection between
two \l{QObject}s, because the signal is emitted in a different
@@ -254,9 +253,10 @@
With queued connections, Qt must store a copy of the arguments
that were passed to the signal so that it can pass them to the
slot later on. Qt knows how to take of copy of many C++ and Qt
- types, but QImage isn't one of them. We must therefore call the
- template function qRegisterMetaType() before we can use QImage
- as a parameter in queued connections.
+ types, so, no further action is needed for QImage.
+ If a custom type was used, a call to the template function
+ qRegisterMetaType() would be required before the type
+ could be used as a parameter in queued connections.
\snippet threads/mandelbrot/mandelbrotwidget.cpp 2
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