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authorStephen Kelly <>2012-06-07 10:39:42 +0200
committerQt by Nokia <>2012-06-12 04:30:07 +0200
commitf9caf48beebb935c7c1ca71745b2646b872b65d1 (patch)
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Use a QVector<int> instead of a QSet<int> in itemviews/models.
The QSet<int> is a more expensive container to use and create, so it should be avoided. This is source incompatible compared to earlier Qt 5 for QAbstractItemView subclasses which reimplement dataChanged, but this patch changes nothing compared to already-present SiC compared to Qt 4. Change-Id: Id95391dfd62a0a7f487a8765790b007badefb937 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <> Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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diff --git a/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.cpp b/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.cpp
index 7305181b44..30f3255689 100644
--- a/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.cpp
+++ b/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.cpp
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ PieView::PieView(QWidget *parent)
void PieView::dataChanged(const QModelIndex &topLeft,
const QModelIndex &bottomRight,
- const QSet<int> &)
+ const QVector<int> &)
QAbstractItemView::dataChanged(topLeft, bottomRight);
diff --git a/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.h b/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.h
index 7ee48565e8..208159bf73 100644
--- a/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.h
+++ b/examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.h
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ public:
QModelIndex indexAt(const QPoint &point) const;
protected slots:
- void dataChanged(const QModelIndex &topLeft, const QModelIndex &bottomRight, const QSet<int> &);
+ void dataChanged(const QModelIndex &topLeft, const QModelIndex &bottomRight, const QVector<int> & = QVector<int>());
void rowsInserted(const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end);
void rowsAboutToBeRemoved(const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end);