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Add support for safe feature checking at compile time
Added a qtConfig(feature) function to qmake, and a QT_CONFIG(feature) macro. These can safely check whether a certain compile time feature of Qt is enabled or not. For this to work the feature has to have a publicFeature or privateFeature output in the configure.json file. In pro files, please use the qtConfig(feature) test function instead of checking contains(QT_CONFIG, feature), as the latter will be unreliable with the upcoming modularization (it requires a load(qt_module_config) before doing any such checks). Note that feature names are now lowercase, and identical (except for hyphens versus underscores currently) in the pro and c++ files. This makes the logic easier to follow, as we avoid all double negations, and most importantly, QT_CONFIG and qtConfig are implemented in a way that you'll get a build error for a mistyped or non-existent feature. This will also prevent accidental use of a widget feature in gui in the future. This gives us complete symmetry between the handling in pro and c++ files. Change-Id: I60404f97953724e639ffb6386cce2e8b1e4b735a Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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@@ -302,3 +302,12 @@ defineTest(prepareRecursiveTarget) {
+defineTest(qtConfig) {
+ contains(, $$1): \
+ return(true)
+ contains(, $$1): \
+ return(false)
+ error("Could not find feature $${1}.")