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QNetworkInterface: fix support for address labels on Linux interfaces
Commit 64a1448d87727878d9789906b2f4f5b9e3d74e38 (Qt 5.2) caused QNetworkInterface to report address labels (a.k.a. interface aliases) as separate interfaces. This is caused by the fact that glibc, uClibc and MUSL copy the address label (netlink address attribute IFA_LABEL) to the ifa_name field, which made QNetworkInterfaceManager think that it was an interface it hadn't yet seen. Address labels are the old way to add more than one IP address to an interface on Linux, for example: ifconfig eth0:1 Those do not create a new interface, so the "eth0:1" label maps to the same interface index as the parent interface. This has been deprecated for 10 years, but there are still tools out there that add addresses in this manner. This commit restores behavior compatibility with Qt 4.2-5.1. The Qt 5.2-5.5 behavior is incorrect because it reports more than one interface with the same index. On systems configured like the above, the tst_QNetworkInterface::interfaceFromXXX test was failing. Change-Id: I8de47ed6c7be4847b99bffff141c2d9de8cf7329 Reviewed-by: Richard J. Moore <>
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