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Doc: Add keywords for qmake variable/function reference pages
In the Help mode in Qt Creator, many have accustomed to search e.g. for 'qmake variable reference' which no longer exists as a title in the qmake documentation. This change provides easier access to the qmake reference by creating keywords for them, making them appear in search results for searches starting with 'qmake'. Task-number: QTBUG-32268 Change-Id: If60a0cdc11464a8aeb50c62ddbde9683326e1384 Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <> Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <>
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\contentspage {qmake Manual}{Contents}
\previouspage Reference
\nextpage Replace Functions
+ \keyword qmake Variable Reference
The fundamental behavior of qmake is influenced by variable declarations that
define the build process of each project. Some of these declare resources,
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\contentspage {qmake Manual}{Contents}
\previouspage Variables
\nextpage Test Functions
+ \keyword qmake Function Reference - Replace Functions
qmake provides functions for processing the contents of variables
during the configuration process. These functions are called
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\title Test Functions
\contentspage {qmake Manual}{Contents}
\previouspage Replace Functions
+ \keyword qmake Function Reference - Test Functions
Test functions return a boolean value that you can test for in the
conditional parts of scopes. Test functions can be divided into