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move generation of qconfig.cpp (and qt.conf) to qmake-based configure
this moves us another step towards the "outer" configure doing just minimal bootstrapping of qmake. a challenge here was that so far, qmake itself needed qconfig.cpp. this was replaced by usage of a qt.conf file instead of compiled-in values. however, to make the executable still self-contained, that qt.conf is embedded into it (by simple appending of a fixed signature and the text file). the qmake with the embedded qt.conf is not used for the qt build itself, which instead relies on the qt.conf in bin/ as before. however, due to the missing built-in values, this file now needs to contain more information than before. but except for a minimal version that is needed to start up qmake/configure at all, that file is now also generated with qmake. as some of the newly set up properties are subsequently used by configure itself, qmake gains a (deliberately undocumented) function to reload the qt.conf after it's fully populated. unlike the old implementations, this one doesn't emit redundant qt.conf entries which match the hard-coded fallbacks. omitting them leads to leaner files which are more comprehensible. Started-by: Paolo Angelelli <> Change-Id: I4526ef64b3c89d9851e10f83965fe479ed7f39f6 Reviewed-by: Jake Petroules <>
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diff --git a/qmake/property.h b/qmake/property.h
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@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ public:
+ void reload();
bool hasValue(const ProKey &);
ProString value(const ProKey &);