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fix confusion surrounding debug, release & debug_and_release
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By default, support is disabled.
- Since the \c debug option overrides the \c release option when both are
- defined in the \c CONFIG variable, it is necessary to use the
- \c debug_and_release option if you want to allow both debug and release
- versions of a project to be built. In such a case, the Makefile that
- qmake generates includes a rule that builds both
- versions, and this can be invoked in the following way:
+ When you use the \c debug_and_release option (which is the default under
+ Windows), the project will be processed three times: one time to produce
+ a "meta" Makefile, and two more times to produce a Makefile.Debug and a
+ Makefile.Release.
+ During the latter passes, \c build_pass and the respective \c debug or
+ \c release option is appended to \c CONFIG. This makes it possible to
+ perform build-specific tasks. For example:
+ \snippet code/ 25
+ As an alternative to manually writing build type conditionals, some
+ variables offer build-specific variants, for example
+ \l{#QMAKE_LFLAGS_RELEASE}{QMAKE_LFLAGS_RELEASE} in addition to the general
+ \l{#QMAKE_LFLAGS}{QMAKE_LFLAGS}. These should be used when available.
+ The meta Makefile makes the sub-builds invokable via the \c debug and
+ \c release targets, and a combined build via the \c all target.
+ When the \c build_all \c CONFIG option is used, the combined build is
+ the default. Otherwise, the last specified \c CONFIG option from the set
+ (\c debug, \c release) determines the default. In this case, you can
+ explicitly invoke the \c all target to build both configurations at once:
\snippet code/ 24
+ \note The details are slightly different when producing Visual Studio
+ and Xcode projects.
When linking a library, qmake relies on the
underlying platform to know what other libraries this library links
against. However, if linking statically, qmake
@@ -945,24 +964,6 @@
static library, while \c link_prl is required when \e {using} a
static library.
- On Windows (or if Qt is configured with \c{-debug-and-release}), add the
- \c build_all option to the \c CONFIG variable to build all build
- configurations by default.
- Additionally, adding \c debug_and_release to the \c CONFIG variable will
- cause both \c debug and \c release to be defined in the contents of
- \c CONFIG. When the project file is processed, the
- \l{Scopes}{scopes} that test for each value will be
- processed for \e both debug and release modes. The \c{build_pass} variable
- will be set for each of these modes, and you can test for this to perform
- build-specific tasks. For example:
- \snippet code/ 25
- As a result, it may be useful to define mode-specific variables, such as
- variables, such as \l{#QMAKE_LFLAGS}{QMAKE_LFLAGS}, where possible.
The following options define the application or library type:
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Sometimes, it is necessary to build a project in both debug and release
modes. Although the \l{CONFIG} variable can hold both \c debug and \c release
- options, the \c debug option overrides the \c release option.
+ options, only the option that is specified last is applied.
\section2 Building in Both Modes