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use helper libs via QMAKE_USE
for that, qt_help_lib.prf gains the ability to write "external module pri" files that contain suitable information for QMAKE_USE. these files have a bunch of limitations: - they are not installed, because a) they are not relocatable and b) the helper libs' headers are not installed, either - it won't work with qmake -r, which is ok, as qt5 does not build with qmake -r anyway - deps are not transitive, neither at build nor at use time the freetype, harfbuzz-ng, pcre, and png helper libs have been adjusted accordingly, and their uses replaced with QMAKE_USE instances. this also allowed inlining the now trivial {harfbuzz,pcrc,png}_dependency.pri files. freetype_dependency.pri remains due to its funkiness. Change-Id: I16890eecb122e34ec49f3d3e68380d1ea71a198a Reviewed-by: Jake Petroules <>
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-qtConfig(system-harfbuzz) {
- QMAKE_USE_PRIVATE += harfbuzz
-} else: qtConfig(harfbuzz) {
- INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/harfbuzz-ng/include
- LIBS_PRIVATE += -L$$QT_BUILD_TREE/lib -lqtharfbuzzng$$qtPlatformTargetSuffix()