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Remove copy of libgq.
Nothing in the source tree uses this after the removal of the icd bearer plugin in 0e0eb207c4ada7a09c980b816dda1c5c6af1c027, so there is no point keeping it around anymore. Change-Id: I6ea05c84d561965636e2ca5b03c7ee8edc48c093 Reviewed-by: Jonas Gastal <> Reviewed-by: Richard J. Moore <>
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--- a/src/3rdparty/libgq/debian/fixup-scratchbox
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,79 +0,0 @@
-#! /bin/sh
-# XXX - this needs to run under fakeroot...
-exec 3>&1 1>&2
-real_dpkg_checkbuilddeps () {
- SBOX_REDIRECT_IGNORE=/usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/dpkg-checkbuilddeps "$@"
-finish () {
- if ! real_dpkg_checkbuilddeps; then
- echo "This package does not use any devkits."
- echo "Please install all build dependencies as real packages."
- echo >&3 FAIL
- fi
- exit 0
-# The stamp file can not be in the source tree because then it would
-# end up in the source package, which is not what we want. We put it
-# into /var/tmp so that it gets deleted when a new rootstrap is
-# extracted.
-STAMP=/var/tmp/SANITIZED.$(head debian/changelog | md5sum | cut -d' ' -f1)
-if [ -e $STAMP ]; then
- exit 0;
-# Only do permanent changes if this is BIFH
-echo "$USER" | grep -q 'bifh[0-9]' || finish
-# prevent bash from killing the system
-rm -f /var/lib/bash/provide-sh
-# clean ~/.texmf-var to avoid trouble with stale things hiding there.
-rm -rf ~/.texmf-var/
-pfx="dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies:"
-deps=`real_dpkg_checkbuilddeps 2>&1 | grep "^$pfx" | \
- sed -e "s/$pfx//" -e s'/([^)]*)//g' -e 's/|//'`
-deps="$deps build-essential automake autoconf libtool ed gawk diff dpkg-dev"
-for d in $deps; do
- echo apt-get "$@" install $d
- apt-get -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold -q --force-yes --yes install $d
-apt-get -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold -q --force-yes --yes dist-upgrade
-# Make sure we get a fresh fakeroot installation
-# We can't seem to control the value of LD_PRELOAD well enough, so we
-# just copy the good version of libfakeroot over the bad one that
-# Scratchbox uses. This will result in a good version of libfakeroot
-# talking to a bad version of faked, but that seems to work well
-# enough. The protocol between the two is really simple and unlikely
-# to change even when new syscalls are wrapped. And this is a
-# desperate hack anyway, so it's OK if there is blood all over the
-# floor from time to time.
-# After we have overwritten libfakeroot, it no longer works with any
-# host binaries, such as the ones in /scratchbox/compilers/bin or
-# /scratchbox/tools/bin. Thus, we must avoid running those when
-# fakerooted.
-# We use "cp -l" here to avoid overwriting a library that is in use.
-if [ "$(fakeroot -v)" = "fakeroot version 1.4.2" ]; then
- apt-get -q --force-yes --yes --reinstall install fakeroot
- cp -fl /usr/lib/libfakeroot/ /usr/lib/libfakeroot-sysv/
- cp -fl /usr/lib/libfakeroot/ /usr/lib/libfakeroot-tcp/
- echo "We have $(fakeroot -v), hurray!"
-touch $STAMP