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CMake: Implement proper exclusion of tools including installingHEADdev
The previous approach didn't work for prefix builds. While a target might be excluded from building via EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL property, when calling make install it would still try to install the target and thus fail. It's not possible to modify an install() command in a post-processing step, so we switch the semantics around. pro2cmake will now write a qt_exclude_tool_directories_from_default_target() call before adding subdirectories. This will set an internal variable with a list of the given subdirectories, which is checked by qt_add_executable. If the current source dir matches one of the given subdirectories, the EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL property is set both for the target and the qt_install() command. This should fix the failing Android prefix builds of qttools. Amends 622894f96e93d62147a28a6f37b7ee6a90d74042 Change-Id: Ia19323a2ef72a3fb9cb752ad2d4f2742269d11c4 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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