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Doc: Update boost::bind()/std::tr1::bind() to std::bind()
boost::bind() became part of the C++11 standard with minor modifications. Present the standard version as the main one to use, but list the others as alternatives. Change-Id: If419d8d24c0925119d3b9f7ff76be44981351bc0 Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <> Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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\section2 Using Bound Function Arguments
- Note that Qt does not provide support for bound functions. This is
- provided by 3rd party libraries like
- \l{}{Boost} or
- \l{}
- {C++ TR1 Library Extensions}.
If you want to use a filter function takes more than one argument, you can
- use boost::bind() or std::tr1::bind() to transform it onto a function that
- takes one argument.
+ use std::bind() to transform it onto a function that takes one argument. If
+ C++11 support is not available, \l{}
+ {boost::bind()} or \l{}
+ {std::tr1::bind()} are suitable replacements.
As an example, we use QString::contains():
@@ -177,7 +173,7 @@
\snippet code/src_concurrent_qtconcurrentfilter.cpp 10
- The return value from boost::bind() is a function object (functor) with
+ The return value from std::bind() is a function object (functor) with
the following signature:
\snippet code/src_concurrent_qtconcurrentfilter.cpp 11