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Fix postgres notification support in the QPSQLDriver.
This patch fixes a critical bug in the qsqlpsql driver where notifications aren't delivered when received. Any blocking libpq function(specifically PQexec) will read all the incoming data from the socket, including any pending notifications. This would cause the socket notifier to never be fired for incoming notifications that are already queued inside libpq. The qsqldriver test case was skipping the postgres notification test because of this bug, now its enabled and passing. In order to fix this bug I made a wrapper function for PQexec in QPSQLDriverPrivate that calls _q_handleNotification via QMetaObject::callMethod QueuedConnection in order to deliver pending notifications when control returns to the event loop. I also added a flag to ensure only one call is made each time the event loop is entered. Change-Id: I19f5297094ae7ae46bfb0717e4fca744d69f7b92 Reviewed-by: Honglei Zhang <> Reviewed-by: Mark Brand <>
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