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Make QDateTimeParser a separate feature
It was being mis-described in some places by a QT_CONFIG(timezone) test, replacing older QT_BOOTSTRAPPED checks; but it has no time-zone dependency (until 5.10). So make it a separate feature in its own right. It turns out QAbstractSpinBox's presumed dependency on datetimeedit was an illusion caused by use of QDATETIMEEDIT_*_MIN symbols actually provided by datetimeparser; so remove its bogus dependency. Change-Id: Ibc12f4a9ee35acb64a39a1c7a15d2934b5710dc0 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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@@ -733,10 +733,16 @@
"timezone": {
"label": "QTimeZone",
- "purpose": "Provides support for timezone handling.",
+ "purpose": "Provides support for time-zone handling.",
"section": "Utilities",
"output": [ "publicFeature" ]
+ "datetimeparser": {
+ "label": "QDateTimeParser",
+ "purpose": "Provides support for parsing date-time texts.",
+ "section": "Utilities",
+ "output": [ "privateFeature" ]
+ },
"commandlineparser": {
"label": "QCommandlineParser",
"purpose": "Provides support for command line parsing.",