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Short live qExchange()!
This is a 1:1 replacement for std::exchange, and should be removed once Qt fully depends on C++14. It's too versatile a tool to miss it, so provide a copy. [ChangeLog][QtCore][QtGlobal] Added qExchange(), a drop-in for C++14's std::exchange() Change-Id: I31c4f1141e7a99f99ea65eb36ddf9d68b7847337 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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@@ -3806,6 +3806,17 @@ bool qunsetenv(const char *varName)
+ \fn template <typename T, typename U = T> T qExchange(T &obj, U &&newValue)
+ \relates <QtGlobal>
+ \since 5.14
+ Replaces the value of \a obj with \a newValue and returns the old value of \a obj.
+ This is Qt's implementation of std::exchange(). It differs from std::exchange()
+ only in that it is \c constexpr already in C++14, and available on all supported
+ compilers.
\macro QT_TR_NOOP(sourceText)
\relates <QtGlobal>