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Add parameter docs for QAbstractEventDispatcher::filterNativeEvent.
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@@ -443,12 +443,14 @@ void QAbstractEventDispatcher::removeNativeEventFilter(QAbstractNativeEventFilte
Subclasses of QAbstractEventDispatcher \e must call this function
for \e all messages received from the system to ensure
compatibility with any extensions that may be used in the
- application.
+ application. The type of event \a eventType is specific to the platform
+ plugin chosen at run-time, and can be used to cast message to the right type.
+ The result pointer is only used on Windows, and corresponds to the LRESULT pointer.
Note that the type of \a message is platform dependent. See
QAbstractNativeEventFilter for details.
- \sa installNativeEventFilter()
+ \sa installNativeEventFilter(), QAbstractNativeEventFilter::nativeEventFilter()
\since 5.0
bool QAbstractEventDispatcher::filterNativeEvent(const QByteArray &eventType, void *message, long *result)