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QCborStreamReader: remove the documentation on the validation API
It's not present in this version. Change-Id: I6a540578e810472bb455fffd1532ac4d49d4b994 Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <>
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@@ -1452,13 +1452,6 @@ bool QCborStreamWriter::endMap()
parsing from a QByteArray, or reparse(), if it is instead reading directly
a the QIDOevice that now has more data available (see setDevice()).
- \section1 Validation
- In addition to the basic well-formedness of the CBOR stream,
- QCborStreamReader has an API to validate the stream to further parameters,
- such as whether it is canonical CBOR or follows strict encoding (see
- \l{QCborStreamWriter} for more details). See validate() and ValidationFlags.
\sa QCborStreamWriter, QCborValue, QXmlStreamReader