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@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QLine &line)
\value UnboundedIntersection The two lines intersect, but not
within the range defined by their lengths. This will be the case
- if the lines are not parallel.
+ if the lines are not parallel.
intersect() will also return this value if the intersect point is
within the start and end point of only one of the lines.
@@ -499,9 +499,9 @@ QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QLine &line)
Sets the length of the line to the given \a length. QLineF will
move the end point - p2() - of the line to give the line its new length.
If the line is a null line, the length will remain zero regardless
- of the length specified.
+ of the length specified.
\sa length(), isNull()