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Unify all mid() functions in QtBase.
Up to now, Qt had at least 3 different implementations of the mid(). Only QString::mid implementation was not crashing on edge cases and was protected against overflows, therefore I picked that one as the base implementation, even if it has weird semantics for an invalid input. As a side effect QVector::mid was slightly optimized to not detach in all cases (which follows current QList behavior). Documentation of QVector::mid and QList::mid was updated to not mention "copy of data" which could suggest that the mid() result is detached. QStringRef::mid was fixed and now it follows general Qt behavior, by returning a null value for a null input. Change-Id: Ie9ff5d98372bd193d66508e6dd92b6ed1180ad9b Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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@@ -491,11 +491,11 @@ void **QListData::erase(void **xi)
\fn QList<T> QList<T>::mid(int pos, int length) const
- Returns a list whose elements are copied from this list,
+ Returns a sub-list which includes elements from this list,
starting at position \a pos. If \a length is -1 (the default), all
- elements from \a pos are copied; otherwise \a length elements (or
+ elements from \a pos are included; otherwise \a length elements (or
all remaining elements if there are less than \a length elements)
- are copied.
+ are included.
/*! \fn QList::QList()