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QLocale docs: remove useless \sa links
It's true that formattedDataSize is useful for formatting file sizes from QFileInfo, but these links don't make sense here, and also cause qdoc warnings due to lack of class scoping. Change-Id: I9dd28200aa9d0da048db0c02ac66dc20c1b42e5c Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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@@ -3814,8 +3814,6 @@ QString QLocale::toCurrencyString(double value, const QString &symbol, int preci
1000. DataSizeIecFormat uses the new IEC standard quantifiers Ki, Mi and so
on, whereas DataSizeSIFormat uses and DataSizeTraditionalFormat abuses the
older SI quantifiers k, M, etc.
- \sa refresh(), caching()
QString QLocale::formattedDataSize(qint64 bytes, int precision, DataSizeFormats format)