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Optimise the deletion of a QSharedPointer with no custom deleter
When QSharedPointer is created with no user-specified custom deleter, instead of storing a pointer in ExternalRefCount::destroyer to a static function which, in turn, calls normalDeleter<T> indirectly (via another function pointer), specialise the CustomDeleter class and make it not store the pointer, but instead do the deleting directly. The benefits are: - the QSharedPointer's private data is smaller - there is no double-indirection via indirect jumps to the actual deleter Change-Id: Ice5653c144912efb1226e432267a047b9799aaca Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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structure will be 12+8+4 = 24 bytes on 32-bit architectures, 16+16+8 = 40
bytes on 64-bit ones.
+ If the deleter was not specified when creating the QSharedPointer object
+ (i.e., if a standard \tt delete call is expected), then there's an
+ optimization that avoids the need to store another function pointer in
+ ExternalRefCountWithCustomDeleter. Instead, a template specialization makes
+ a direct delete call. The size of the structure, in this case, is 12+4 = 16
+ bytes on 32-bit architectures, 16+8 = 24 bytes on 64-bit ones.
\section3 QtSharedPointer::ExternalRefCountWithContiguousData
This class also derives from ExternalRefCountData and it is