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Add some internal API for extracting a QSharedPointer<T> from QVariant.
The T must be derived from QObject, or it will fail to compile. This will allow scripting or other 'wrapping' and runtime environments like QtDeclarative to handle QSharedPointers to types derived from QObject properly. A QSharedPointer<T> can be inserted into a QVariant, and where T derives from QObject, a QSharedPointer<QObject> can be extracted from the QVariant, and its properties are then accessible. Change-Id: I68d6d89aceceb019267bd7301baa2047f9c09b90 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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@@ -1214,6 +1214,26 @@ QtSharedPointer::ExternalRefCountData *QtSharedPointer::ExternalRefCountData::ge
return x;
+ \internal
+ Returns a QSharedPointer<QObject> if the variant contains
+ a QSharedPointer<T> where T inherits QObject. Otherwise the behaviour is undefined.
+QSharedPointer<QObject> QtSharedPointer::sharedPointerFromVariant_internal(const QVariant &variant)
+ return *reinterpret_cast<const QSharedPointer<QObject>*>(variant.constData());
+ \internal
+ Returns a QWeakPointer<QObject> if the variant contains
+ a QWeakPointer<T> where T inherits QObject. Otherwise the behaviour is undefined.
+QWeakPointer<QObject> QtSharedPointer::weakPointerFromVariant_internal(const QVariant &variant)
+ return *reinterpret_cast<const QWeakPointer<QObject>*>(variant.constData());