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QTimeZone - Define new class and api
Implement the new QTimeZone class based on the Olsen Time Zone ID's. This is the base implementation and does not include the Platform backends which are implemented separately. This change does include a default UTC backed to be used if no Platform backend is available, i.e. if QT_NO_SYSTEMLOCALE is set and ICU is not configured. This backend also provides a default set of time zones in the standard "UTC+00:00" offset format that are guaranteed to always exist regardless of the Platform backend. This change includes conversion functions between the Olsen ID's and Windows ID's using a conversion table based on Unicode CLDR data. This is implemented for all platforms for scenarios such as a Linux program needing to communicate with a Windows Exchange Server using the Windows ID. The CLDR conversion table is included under the UNICODE license, see for details. [ChangeLog][QtCore][QTimeZone] Added new QTimeZone class to support time tone calculations using the host platform time zone database and the Olsen time zone ID's. Change-Id: Ibb417d08cf2663a0979d2be855d2c6ad6ad01509 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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