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Add Mac type conversion functions to QtCore
New API: static QString QString::fromCFString(CFStringRef string); CFStringRef QString::toCFString() const; static QString QString::fromNSString(const NSString *string); NSString *QString::toNSString() const; static QUrl QUrl::fromCFURL(CFURLRef url); CFURLRef QUrl::toCFURL() const; static QUrl QUrl::fromNSURL(const NSURL *url); NSURL * QUrl::toNSURL() const; Add Q_OS_MAC-protected function declarations to header files, add implementation to _mm files. CF and NS types are forward-declared in the header files to avoid including the CoreFoundation and Foundation headers. This prevents accidental use of native types in application code. Add helper macros for forward- declaration to qglobal.h Add cf_returns_retained/ns_returns_autoreleased attributes to toCFString() and toNSURL(). These attributes assists the clang static analyzer. Add Q_DECL_ helper macros to qcompilerdetection.h. Add test functions (in files) to the QString and QUrl tests. Split out the test class declarations into a separate headers files. Change-Id: I60fd5e93f042316196284c3db0595835fe8c4ad4 Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <>
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@@ -110,7 +110,8 @@ SOURCES += \
!nacl:mac: {
SOURCES += tools/qelapsedtimer_mac.cpp
+ tools/
else:blackberry {
SOURCES += tools/qelapsedtimer_unix.cpp tools/qlocale_blackberry.cpp