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toCurrencyString() - Add missing documentation
Documentation was missing for the new toCurrencyString() function that adds a precision value. Change-Id: I16c10cdd18dfc37839fccb907470b0942f100e5d Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniƶ <>
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@@ -3487,7 +3487,13 @@ QString QLocale::toCurrencyString(double value, const QString &symbol) const
\since 5.7
- \overload
+ \overload toCurrencyString()
+ Returns a localized string representation of \a value as a currency.
+ If the \a symbol is provided it is used instead of the default currency symbol.
+ If the \a precision is provided it is used to set the precision of the currency value.
+ \sa currencySymbol()
QString QLocale::toCurrencyString(double value, const QString &symbol, int precision) const