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Document that the mutex passed to QWaitCondition::wait must be locked
Simply say that the behaviour is undefined if you don't do what you must do. I don't want to introduce a check: it can't be done reliably anyway. Task-number: QTBUG-30806 Change-Id: Iba1bbbdfe62ffcb133f9c52215efdcc0ee7bd9bd Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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Releases the \a lockedMutex and waits on the wait condition. The
\a lockedMutex must be initially locked by the calling thread. If \a
- lockedMutex is not in a locked state, this function returns
- immediately. If \a lockedMutex is a recursive mutex, this function
+ lockedMutex is not in a locked state, the behavior is undefined. If
+ \a lockedMutex is a recursive mutex, this function
returns immediately. The \a lockedMutex will be unlocked, and the
calling thread will block until either of these conditions is met: