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\li \l{Qt D-Bus XML compiler (qdbusxml2cpp)}
\li \l{Qt D-Bus C++ Classes}
\li \l{Qt D-Bus Examples}
+ \li \l{D-Bus Viewer}
+ \page qdbusviewer.html
+ \title D-Bus Viewer
+ \keyword qdbusviewer
+ The Qt D-Bus Viewer is a tool that lets you introspect D-Bus objects and messages. You can
+ choose between the system bus and the session bus. Click on any service on the list
+ on the left side to see all the exported objects.
+ You can invoke methods by double-clicking on them. If a method takes one or more IN parameters,
+ a property editor opens.
+ Right-click on a signal to connect to it. All emitted signals including their parameters
+ are output in the message view on the lower side of the window.