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Doc: Add references to QDBusAbstractAdaptor implementation example
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\li \l{Declaring Slots in D-Bus Adaptors}
\li \l{Declaring Signals in D-Bus Adaptors}
\li \l{The Qt D-Bus Type System}
+ \li In the \l{D-Bus Complex Ping Pong Example}, \c complexpong.h and
+ \c complexpong.cpp show an implementation of QDBusAbstractAdaptor.
\sa QDBusAbstractAdaptor
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synchronize with the caller should provide its own method of synchronization.
Asynchronous slots are marked by the keyword \l Q_NOREPLY in the method
- signature, before the \c void return type and the slot name.
+ signature, before the \c void return type and the slot name. The \c quit()
+ slot in the \l {D-Bus Complex Ping Pong Example} is an example of this.
\section1 Input-Only Slots
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However, signals must still be emitted. The easiest way to emit an adaptor
signal is to connect another signal to it, so that Qt's signals and slots
mechanism automatically emits the adaptor signal, too. This can be done in
- the adaptor's constructor.
+ the adaptor's constructor, as you can see in the \l {D-Bus Complex Ping
+ Pong Example}.
The QDBusAbstractAdaptor::setAutoRelaySignals() convenience function can also
be used to make and break connections between signals in the real object and