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doc: Fix remaining qdoc warnings in QtDBus
Added many template clauses to \fn commands. Also added or modified some uses of Q_CLANG_QDOC in some dbus include files to work around some seriousl ugly template clauses that could not be added to \fn commands. Also modified a few parameter names in the documentation. The first attempt at making this change caused syncqt to fail to create QtDBus/QDBusPendingReply. This second attempt works. Change-Id: I96c1fb9bcb1d9debf9409f6baf8c42e18fb9e75d Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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- \fn Type QDBusPendingReply::argumentAt() const
- Returns the argument at position \c Index (which is a template
- parameter) cast to type \c Type. This function uses template code
- to determine the proper \c Type type, according to the type list
- used in the construction of this object.
- Note that, if the reply hasn't arrived, this function causes the
- calling thread to block until the reply is processed.
- If the reply does not contain an argument at position \c Index or if the
- reply was an error, this function returns a \c Type object that is default
- constructed, which may be indistinguishable from a valid value. To reliably
- determine whether the message was an error, use isError().
+ \typedef QDBusPendingReply::T1
+ \internal
+ */
\fn T1 QDBusPendingReply::value() const