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qdiriterator benchmark: test against std::filesystem
If c++17 is available and the header is available (not experimental/filesystem) then we'll try std::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator as well. Results on my PC (Windows, VS 2019): PASS : tst_qdiriterator::posix(C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib) RESULT : tst_qdiriterator::posix():"C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib": 23 msecs per iteration (total: 94, iterations: 4) PASS : tst_qdiriterator::diriterator(C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib) RESULT : tst_qdiriterator::diriterator():"C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib": 17 msecs per iteration (total: 71, iterations: 4) PASS : tst_qdiriterator::stdRecursiveDirectoryIterator(C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib) RESULT : tst_qdiriterator::stdRecursiveDirectoryIterator():"C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib": 6.7 msecs per iteration (total: 54, iterations: 8) PASS : tst_qdiriterator::fsiterator(C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib) RESULT : tst_qdiriterator::fsiterator():"C:\depot\qt\main/src/corelib": 23 msecs per iteration (total: 92, iterations: 4) And as a drive-by fix: move the 'data' function out of the private slots so it is not invoked as a test function (it doesn't cause any problems but is ultimately pointless). Change-Id: Ia160ee276423ec51e35e554a4cd63d4d940c0e6a Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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