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Long live QColorConstants!
QColorConstant is a C++11 version of Qt::GlobalColor, except that instead of Qt::red being an enum, QColorConstants::red is an actual QColor instance, a bit like in the Qt 3 days. In addition, the SVG names that QColor understands are also available, with the same values. Technically, when building a QColor from a color name, QColor ignores casing and whitespaces; we stick to the SVG/CSS official color names (which are lowercase), and prefix them with Svg to clarify where they come from. For instance, note how SVG's gray is not Qt::gray. [ChangeLog][QtGui][[QColor] Added QColorConstants, a namespace containing constexpr QColor instances. Change-Id: Ic9fab26a9a537fcc43cc230da28f4c6314a32438 Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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# Ignore warnings about undocumented enum values for the QGradient presets
spurious += "Undocumented enum item '.*' in QGradient::Preset"
+# \svgcolor {#ffdead}
+macro.svgcolor.HTML = "<div style=\"padding:10px;color:#fff;background:\1;\"></div>"