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Fix references to platform-specific handlers in QMimeData documentation.
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On X11, the public \l{}{XDND
protocol} is used, while on Windows Qt uses the OLE standard, and
- Qt for Mac OS X uses the Cocoa Drag Manager. On X11, XDND uses MIME,
+ Qt for OS X uses the Cocoa Drag Manager. On X11, XDND uses MIME,
so no translation is necessary. The Qt API is the same regardless of
the platform. On Windows, MIME-aware applications can communicate by
using clipboard format names that are MIME types. Already some
Windows applications use MIME naming conventions for their
- clipboard formats. Internally, Qt uses QWindowsMime and
- QMacPasteboardMime for translating proprietary clipboard formats
- to and from MIME types.
+ clipboard formats.
+ Custom classes for translating proprietary clipboard formats can be
+ registered by reimplementing QWinMime on Windows or
+ QMacPasteboardMime on OS X.