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--- a/src/gui/image/qplatformpixmap.cpp
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@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ QPlatformPixmap::QPlatformPixmap(PixelType pixelType, int objectId)
// Sometimes the pixmap cleanup hooks will be called from derrived classes, which will
- // then set is_cached to false. For example, on X11 QtGui needs to delete the GLXPixmap
+ // then set is_cached to false. For example, on X11 Qt GUI needs to delete the GLXPixmap
// or EGL Pixmap Surface for a given pixmap _before_ the native X11 pixmap is deleted,
// otherwise some drivers will leak the GL surface. In this case, QX11PlatformPixmap will
// call the cleanup hooks itself before deleting the native pixmap and set is_cached to