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authorEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt <>2014-10-09 12:46:04 +0200
committerEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt <>2014-10-10 13:37:59 +0200
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Fix memory leak in QClipboard::setMimeData()
The setMimeData() function is documented to take ownership of the object passed in, but in the case where the platform plugin did not support the requested mode, we would simply return without deleting the object nor telling the application, so it would cause a potential memory leak. We need to honor the contract, even when we fail to set the mime data. Test was updated to avoid verifying the leak in cases where the platform does not support all modes. [ChangeLog][QtGui][Clipboard] Fixed a memory leak in setMimeData() when the platform plugin did not support the requested mode. Task-number: QTBUG-41852 Change-Id: I2112da1613199fe1b56724e7ccf097b9e912c117 Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <>
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diff --git a/src/gui/kernel/qclipboard.cpp b/src/gui/kernel/qclipboard.cpp
index ec9a8fdcf0..5be9f19b3e 100644
--- a/src/gui/kernel/qclipboard.cpp
+++ b/src/gui/kernel/qclipboard.cpp
@@ -463,9 +463,14 @@ const QMimeData* QClipboard::mimeData(Mode mode) const
void QClipboard::setMimeData(QMimeData* src, Mode mode)
QPlatformClipboard *clipboard = QGuiApplicationPrivate::platformIntegration()->clipboard();
- if (!clipboard->supportsMode(mode)) return;
- clipboard->setMimeData(src,mode);
+ if (!clipboard->supportsMode(mode)) {
+ if (src != 0) {
+ qWarning("Data set on unsupported clipboard mode. QMimeData object will be deleted.");
+ src->deleteLater();
+ }
+ } else {
+ clipboard->setMimeData(src,mode);
+ }